South Coast Sprints

Established in 2011 by two work colleagues with a passion for cycling and the desire to train for roller racing, a bit of fun in the winter got seriously out of hand and by 2016 had grown to support theĀ  Cycle Show, Sharps Brewery, Porsche UK, Sustrans, My Journey as well as the flagship event with Dark Satr Brewery and Kinesis Bikes UK “Spin Up In A Brewery”.

However, come the end of 2016 and work and family pressures took their toll and with heavy hearts the four bike rig was sold on and the rest mothballed whilst a well deserved rest, holidays and time with the family took centre stage in 2017.

One year was enough of all that though so 2018 dawns and the itch is there…..

keep ’em peeled…..the band may get back together……